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Mindfulness and Technology

Vincent Horn | Blog |
The following interview comes from a chapter of the new book Disruption Revolution, written by my friend David Passiak. Disruption Revolution features 20+ leading innovators including Brian Solis, Chris Anderson,...

Buddhist Geeks, Bitcoins, & Ukrainian Domain Pirates

Vincent Horn | Blog |
This is an article that originally appeared on the Buddhist Geeks Lab. It pains me some to admit this, but in the summer of 2012–just after our annual conference–the

The Simple Act of Sitting

Vincent Horn | Blog |
The act of sitting is really an amazing thing! At the simplest level, just as our ancestors have for tens of thousands of years, we sit down, on the ground,...

What is Buddhist Geeks?

Vincent Horn | Blog |
Lately, I’ve been asking the question: What is Buddhist Geeks? Like every good question, each time I ask the answer changes. In the beginning the answer was, “It’s a podcast...