Listened to the Holosync Demo this evening, and it left me feeling completely brain-dead. For those of you that don’t know, Holosync is a company which produces a neurotechnology that is supposed to induce meditative states. I’ve heard quite a few people have gotten tons of value out of this product (including some very close friends of mine), but all I’m left with is a terrible headache and a few fried neurons. I guess that could be good :\ ?

About Vincent Horn

Vincent Horn is a mind hacker & buddhist geek. He has been practicing Buddhist meditation intensively since his freshman year in college–including a year on intensive silent retreats–and began teaching in 2010 with the support of his own teachers, Kenneth Folk and Daniel Ingram. In addition Vincent co-founded the popular media company Buddhist Geeks in 2006. His work focuses on the fusion of nascent technology and contemplative wisdom, and has been featured on the pages of Wired, Fast Company, Tricycle, and the Los Angeles Times. Along with his wife Emily, he makes his home in Asheville, North Carolina—that is until the distinction between atoms and bits dissolves completely.


  • coolmel says:

    well, at least it had an effect on you :)

  • Jason says:

    Just wondering what anybody knows about this holosync stuff. My parents just got it, and they’re all a buzz with optimism. I do psych stuff myself, and am as critical as the next chap. Maybe more so, actually, which is why I’d like to know who has anything concrete to say about it, besides “It’s changing my life!” Anyone? Anyone? I for one am skeptical and whorf at the cheese factor involved in hearing my own subliminal voice to shake my pain and negative material in my subconscious mind. I’m super skeptical, but open-minded. Anyone?

  • Dave says:

    I’ve been using it for years.AL4
    I’m stuck with a headache for the last six months that doesn’t go away this time. I feel like my brain has been really damaged by this technology. The emotions keep coming up. I’m stuck in a state. The Holosync staff solution: “just go to the next level. We never had anybody complaining about headaches before”.
    The changes are indeed permanent, so is the damage…
    Don’t believe all this crap about new neurons growing, synchronising hemispheres, open systems and the other mumbojumbo.

    Don’t even believe that your meditating.
    Because if a zen Monk meditating(A) has a certain brainwave(B) and if you listen to holosync(C) you have a certain brainwave(B), it does not mean that if you listen to holosync(C) that your meditating(A).

    Law transitivity: A->B And B->C => A->C
    Law Bill Harris: A->B And C->B => C->A or just plain bullshit

    The only thing that is actually proven is that it releases a lot of neurotransmitters and other substances. Bill Harris only mentions the ones that have been related to aging. It also messes up your serotonin and dopamine balance and other neurotransmitter. That’s why you always feel good at first, than you go down. Than you think you just have to meditate more and it’s just like drug addiction.

    Also note that the susbstances related to aging have only been related to aging, that means that the older you get the less you have these substance (this is actually measured and proven). The assumption that if you have more of these substance that you then stay younger has never been proven for any substance.
    A->B => B->A is also just bullshit.

    What is proven IS that all the stress that Holosync causes AGES YOU.

    It can definitely fuck you up for months or permanently…

    Please see the signs of Centerpointe (Greed is their God, its’ all they worship)

    They don’t even allow reselling your own copy. Does that seem like their Zen monks…

    If you put something on your head and your big toe starts to hurt it might be enlightenment. But if your head starts to hurt. Just don’t put it on your head anymore.

    My two cents.

  • Dave says:


    While I think this other Dave makes a good point that similar brain wave patterns do not mean identical mental/spiritual states, I have a hard time following some of the other logic.

    When I was seeing a neurofeedback practitioner for some attentional stuff, I was amused at one point in his analysis of my QEEG. He pointed out a specific pattern and said something to the effect of, “This pattern is seen in highly intelligent people… And also in people with anxiety disorder.”

    It amused me on a variety of levels…

  • Jeanne says:

    I wanted to leave a response for Vince, Jason, and Dave that I have also experienced a terrible and persistent headache pattern over the last couple of years. If people at Centerpointe are denying that anyone has headaches, then readers can add my comment as more evidence that the headache experience is quite real.

    I spent two years going through just the first two levels before a very distinct headache pattern caused me to stop. Before this holosync experience, I have had a background of perfect, robust physical health. Before holosync, I very rarely ever got a headache of any kind. Traditionally, I would have to come down with something like influenza before I would experience a headache…they were that rare for me.

    After two years of holosync, however, it is a different story for me now. I would love to find a safe and natural way to get rid of these damn headaches!

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